Sunday, June 22, 2014

I received my master's degree in nursing informatics on May 16th! Woohoo! You would think that all the hard work would be over, but I am still studying for my board certification in nursing informatics. I'll take that test in about two weeks. The summer has finally started, and I've been using my extra time to get back in to knitting. But first I took a quick trip to Jamaica to celebrate my success.

Saying goodbye to the Bark King Frog. Our new favorite bar. #ting


I finished a sweater and hat for my first niece in December, just in time to gift it for Christmas. The pattern is called Welcome to the Flock. I chose the colors before we knew the sex of the baby.



After I finished up my schoolwork I started on her blanket. I had originally bought the yarn around the same time as the yarn for the sweater, before we knew the sex. Needless to say, the best laid plans... So I started this blanket way after I thought I would! I made a judgement error when I started the large blanket (36" x 48"). It didn't sound too big at the time, but it started to feel very large indeed after a few repeats! The pattern is called All About Aran. (Get it?)



Well, Vivian Yvonne was born when I was really struggling to finish this sucker, and it gave me the last push that I needed to finish it. I took it down to Louisiana when we went to meet her this week. I think she enjoyed the blanket.

My new niece, Vivian, is adorable AND loves the blanket I knitted for her. She's a keeper!

Now off to find a job. Is anyone hiring a nursing informaticist? 

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